Placed a Preorder for Fairy Frogs? Here's all the info you need! ♥



I'll be making detailed updates below to keep you guys in the loop during the preorder process! Please keep in mind this page is for the FAIRY FROG preorders. 

That being said, this page includes ALL Fairy Frog items from the preorders dated 2/22 - 3/6. My initial quoted timeframe is 8-12 weeks for production  (the 8-12 week production time starts AFTER the 6th!)  so that I can finish up some previous preorders.

Please keep in mind that my initial quoted time for production is subject to change based off of how many orders I receive during the week they will be open or other delays. If it DOES change, I will let you guys know here!

Please check back here or on my policies page for any questions you may have prior to sending me a message/email. Although I have absolutely no issue at all responding to kind inquiries, I would like to note that when I receive 20 of them at a time it takes away from the time I could be spending getting your orders ready! 

However, if you find your question still hasn't been answered, shoot me an email at




 Sunday, April 2nd:

Hey everyone! I meant to have this page up earlier, but I officially have an update for you guys so this is perfect timing! All of the material to create your pieces has been ordered, and actually arrived already. That being said, production on these won't begin until I have finished up previous preorders. So I'll be back with more updates as soon as those are done and I've officially begun creating all of your Fairy Frog babies!


Tuesday, May 2nd:

Hey guys! Checking in to let you all know I've been printing away on all of your orders! I've still got a fair bit of printing to go, but after that we'll be diving straight in to assembly!

We're about 3 weeks out from the end of the initial timeframe I set and I still plan to be fairly spot on with that guesstimate. I hope to officially have everything shipped within the week of the 24th (which was the end date of our guesstimate!) Regardless, I'll be keeping you guys updated as we get further along in the assembly process.

Thank you all so much for your patience and support, and I'll check back in soon!


Thursday, May 18th:

Time for a check in! I've got most of your orders printed (only a little left to go) and have already gotten pretty far along in the rest of the assembly process! That being said though, I did have a few mishaps with the adhesive I was using (for the wings) and had to order some new stuff. I've never had any issues with this brand in the past so I'm not sure if I somehow just got a bad batch or what, but after attaching a whole bunch of wings to the frogs they started to come apart a few days later.

Anyway, the new adhesive I got is working 100% as it should now, and I've been redoing all the frogs! Naturally this set me back a little time-wise, but it shouldn't be by too much. From the looks of things, we should be good to ship throughout the end of the month and POSSIBLY within the first week of next month. My aim is to get all of your orders out within this month of course, but just as a heads up I wanted to mention the possibility of some orders not going out till the first week of June.

I plan to start shipping orders out in batches (meaning as they're finished in groups of 10-20) starting next week! Tracking info will only be sent when your packages are ready for shipment, but def keep an eye out.

Hope you guys have all been doing well, and I'll be back for another check in soon!


Saturday, June 3rd:

Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in for another check in! I've been steadily shipping out orders in batches and we're more than halfway through. We're superrrr close to the finish line, but I don't want to update our little chart above to the "shipping" portion until EVERY order is officially shipped. 

That being said, there are still quite a few of you who have pending orders, but we're on track to finish up within the first official week of June like I mentioned before! The plan is to have every last order out by next Friday/Saturday. So throughout this next week (and over this weekend), emails with tracking info will steadily be going out!

Anyway, I'm gonna get back to work on your frog babies and I'll be back to check in when we've officially crossed that finish line with the last order! Have a great weekend!