Placed a Preorder for Ghost Kitties? Here's all the info you need! ♥




I'll be making detailed updates below to keep you guys in the loop during the preorder process! Please keep in mind this page is for the GHOST KITTY preorders. 

That being said, this page includes items from the preorders dated 5/5 - 5/15. My initial quoted timeframe is 10 -12 weeks for production  (the 10 -12 week production time starts AFTER the 15th!)  so that I can finish up some previous preorders.

Please keep in mind that my initial quoted time for production is subject to change based off of how many orders I receive during the week they will be open or other delays. If it DOES change, I will let you guys know here!

Please check back here or on my policies page for any questions you may have prior to sending me a message/email. Although I have absolutely no issue at all responding to kind inquiries, I would like to note that when I receive 20 of them at a time it takes away from the time I could be spending getting your orders ready! 

However, if you find your question still hasn't been answered, shoot me an email at




 Monday, May 22nd:

Hey everyone! I wanted to make our first little update just to let you guys know where we're at! The iridescent material I use for these sometimes goes out of stock, and I have to wait for my supplier to get more in. They're usually pretty quick about it so no worries, I just wanted to let you guys know that we're waiting to place that material order until they have it all in stock. That being said, production on these won't actually begin until I've finished up my previous preorders. So I'll be back with more updates as soon as those are done and I've gotten that material ordered/started making all of your Ghost Kitties!