Placed a Preorder for Phase One Ghost Kitties? Here's all the info you need! ♥



I'll be making some detailed updates below to keep you guys in the loop during the preorder process! I would have liked to have had this page up earlier, but I got pretty slammed and a bit frazzled so it slipped my mind to get this page up for you guys. I'm so sorry about that!

That being said, this page includes ALL Ghost Kitty items from the preorders dated 10/9 - 10/16. Yes, these preorders ended up closing early because SO many more orders than I anticipated came through, but the initial timeframe stated in those listings still stands! (Meaning that the 4-8 week production time still starts AFTER the 16th!)

Please check back here or on my policies page for any questions you may have prior to sending me a message/email. Although I have absolutely no issue at all responding to kind inquiries, I would like to note that when I receive 20 of them at a time it takes away from the time I could be spending getting your orders ready! 

However, if you find your question still hasn't been answered, shoot me an email at





Monday, November 14th:

Ok guys, I just wanted to make a little update! It took me way longer than I intended to get this status page up so at this point the preorders have obviously already closed, material was ordered and arrived, and I have been in the production process. This is definitely the longest stage, and it will still take me a bit of time before all of these are finished and I'm ready to start packaging everything but I'll keep you all updated!


Sunday, November 20th:

I've had a few emails regarding production time! I quoted 4-8 weeks in the initial listing you guys purchased from, and still have every intention of sticking to that timeframe! I did of course hope to get them out sooner than the 8 week mark, but it is starting to look like I may need to push to that deadline. Regardless, these will still make it to their new homes with you guys before Christmas! And for those curious, the official 8 week mark is December 11th. We just hit the 5 week mark! Anyway, I hope that helps clear a few things up, and thanks again for your patience!


Tuesday, November 29th:

I'm currently in several different phases of production! Since there are so many Ghost Kitties in the studio right now, I have a bunch that are about ready to be packed up, some that need painting, others that need to be assembled, and just a few stragglers that need printing. Definitely pure chaos, but there's lots going on! This next week and a half is gonna be super hectic, but I'm gonna be working my butt off and putting in some long hours to get all of them done by the 11th to be sent out in time for the holidays. I seriously appreciate all of your patience!


Saturday, December 10th:

Hey guys! We're getting to the end of the finish line here! A lot of you have already received emails with your tracking info (double check your spam/junk folders!) But I've actually got a good groove going with assembling and then immediately packing orders after, so I've actually been getting things to the post as packages are finished rather than all at once. Please keep in mind our deadline is the 11th (tomorrow), but it is a Sunday! So packages will be going out between Monday/Tuesday. I also want to mention that sometimes the tracking info doesn't always update right away, so please be patient! Postal services has a crazy amount of packages going around this time of year! Anyway, I'll be checking back in again soon. Thank you guys for being so amazing!!


Sunday, December 11th:

Everybody should officially have their tracking info! Please remember to check your junk/spam folders if you don't see it in your email inbox! Like I mentioned in my last update, packages will be going out over the next few days. I'm still working on packing things up for you guys, but expect to see updates on those tracking numbers soon! I'll come back to update again once ALL packages are officially with postal services.


Monday, December 19th:

Hey guys! I meant to update on here again right after dropping everything off at postal services, but between the rush to get your packages out and the overall holiday rush as a whole, I got a bit scatterbrained! That being said though, your packages are in fact with postal services. (Some with USPS, others with UPS depending on what you chose at checkout!) I did however, notice that many of your tracking numbers have not updated and only say "Label Created". Now, there are times you may see this and your package has not yet reached your respective postal office. However, in our case, all of your packages are currently out of my hands! 

Unfortunately, all of the shipping companies are super overwhelmed right now due to the holiday season and things are kind of a mess. I have been reassured that the packages not scanned in are not lost! I have noticed that during busier times, postal services may neglect to scan things into the system as soon as they receive it until they've caught up to a more "manageable" level of packages. Sometimes, you may even receive your package without the tracking number ever even being updated. (This has happened with my own personal packages several times before!) Anyway, over the next week I'll be keeping an eye out on the tracking info for several of your packages to see if there are updates. If not, I'll be contacting my local post offices. All I ask is that you guys be patient for a little while longer, since the delivery companies are really struggling right now!

But seriously, thank you all so much for your amazing support!! You guys are the best and I'm so excited for you all to receive your packages!!

I look forward to sharing more creations with you. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!





Saturday, December 31st:

Ok guys, I just wanted to make a little update here for those of you checking in!

While many preorders have already arrived at their new homes and several finally have updated tracking, there are still quite a few that currently have no updates. They haven't been scanned in, and still say that postal services is waiting for the package. Please keep in mind, I dropped off ALL preorder packages within days of having those shipping labels printed! (This would have been when you received your emails with tracking info!)

As I stated on my last update, I noticed that many had never been scanned and was reassured that my packages were not lost. Each postal worker I've spoken with has been either very rude, or very frazzled. Which, especially during this time of year, I totally get! But unfortunately each time I talk to someone they basically give me the runaround. However, they did give me a timeline for when they planned to be caught up, and if these packages have either not arrived or don't have updated tracking, I'll be going into the office again to see what's going on and what can be done.

That being said, I've had a bunch of emails regarding this issue (understandably). But while many people have been very kind, there has also been a lot of really unnecessary rudeness. I understand the frustration of having waited so long for a preorder and something you've purchased not arriving yet. I also understand several of you guys planned for these to be Christmas gifts. Please believe me when I say, I am so terribly sorry that they have yet to arrive! But at the same time, it's completely uncalled for to cuss me out and start making demands for something happening that has been completely beyond my control.

Small business owners often end up being the ones to receive the backlash for everything related to the post. But what a lot of people don't seem to understand, is that as soon as a package leaves our hands we have absolutely NO CONTROL over what happens after that. Again, I understand the frustration, but there is absolutely no reason to cuss me, do chargebacks, demand refunds, and leave negative reviews on my business and basically try to ruin my livelihood for something I have no control over.

I want to thank everybody who has been so incredibly kind and understanding during this! I'm sad to say this isn't the first time I've had issues with the post this year and to say I'm upset and overwhelmed is an understatement. (This is the same office I had a previous issue with a few months back). In the future I'll be going to a different office location in hopes to avoid situations like these, since it's a bit too much of a coincidence to me that both issues I've had are at this office.

Anyway, if you've made it this far, thank you so much for your patience! I'll be back in a few days for another update.