Suncatchers, Mirrors, & Levi Windows


Ok guys, this is the status page for all of the suncatchers, mirrors, and Levi windows! (With order dates from November-December)  I apologize for taking a bit to get this page up, but from here on out I'll be updating you guys right here on where we're at in the process of creating all of your pieces. For quick check ins, just take a look at the infographic above to see the current status! And if you'd like more details, I'll be updating frequently below  :)

Just a quick recap of what was stated in the listings for these: actual production wasn't meant to begin until I had finished up prior preorders(Which I have), and we had shipping dates set towards the end of April! I still intend to stick with that schedule ♡

If you have any questions that can't be answered here or on my FAQ page, feel free to send me an email at:






Monday, February 26th:

Alright, now that we officially have our status page up and running, time for an update! In any of my preorders, the first step is always to get the amount of material I need for your pieces ordered. I actually ordered all of that back in December/January time so we're all set there! Afterwards I was working on prior preorders, but I have actually already begun material prep and printing with the laser for these. This part is 100% what takes the longest, but I'll be checking in just to let you guys know where we're at as we go!

I'll check back in soon, and I hope you guys have an amazing week ahead of you!




Saturday, April 6th:

Hey guys! I know it's been a bit since I've updated, but I've been in focus mode getting your pieces made as quick as possible! I've still got a bit to go, but we're getting there. Lots of printing, painting, and assembling going on over here!

I've had quite a few inquiries about order statuses, and I still plan on working my butt off to get started shipping at the end of this month like I initially mentioned, so please bare with me! Any important updates or changes will always be found here!

I know that updates have been sparse, but since things are picking up as we hit crunch time you'll be seeing more entries from here on out.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I'll check back in with you all soon!




Tuesday, April 16th:

Ok, time for a quick check in! Things have been pretty chaotic since there is still quite a bit to do, but we're moving right along! I'm gonna be having a couple batches of orders going out towards the end of this week & early next week, but the rest I'll probably end up doing all at once at the very end of the month. So if you don't receive a shipping notification right away, please don't stress! It's looking like I'm gonna be working up until the very last minute, but I am SO excited to get these orders out to you guys!

Also, I wanted to quickly mention that you'll be seeing me open up preorders for the next round of sun catchers, mirrors, and Levi windows at the end of this week. Please rest assured that none of these are going to be impacting when your orders go out, since the next round of preorders I'm opening won't be going out until August/September! So your orders have my full attention 💖

Alright, time to get back to work! I hope you guys are having an amazing start to your week!




Tuesday, April 23rd:

Time for a check in! I dropped off a big batch of orders first thing this morning! So those of you guys who have orders in that batch will have gotten emails with tracking info last night. If you didn't receive an email, your order hasn't shipped yet but don't worry! I'm working as quickly as I can to get everything ready to be shipped by the end of the month. I WILL be getting one more smaller batch of orders out within the next day or so, but after that I'll just be doing one huge drop at the very end of the month.

I want to be clear that I'll definitely be working up to the very last minute on these, so please don't stress if you don't get a shipping notification until the last second.

I really appreciate all of your guys' patience with me while we get through this last stretch! I hope you're all having a lovely week so far, and I'll be back soon!




Tuesday, April 30th:

Hey guys! It's officially end game!! When I said I'd be working up until the last minute, I really meant it ahaha. Everybody now officially has their tracking info, and we're ready to start getting these babies out! However, please be patient for your tracking info to update, because I'll be making several different drop offs over the next few days so I don't overwhelm my tiny local post office. (It does also sometimes take a minute for the tracking info to update after it's been scanned in!) I do have a few packages left to finish up, but other than that we're ready to go.

I'll be making one more final update on here once every last package has been dropped off at the post office to officially call this round of preorders DONE. But until then I'll be a bit quiet while I finish things up!

Thank you guys SO much for being so awesome!!! I'm so freaking stoked to finally get these pieces out to you!!!

I hope you're all having a magical week, and I'll check back in soon for that final update!




Tuesday, May 7th:

I've had a bunch of you guys reaching out to ask why your tracking hasn't updated yet, and I just wanted to address that again really quick! A bunch of packages have already left my hands and are on their way to you, but for those of you who haven't had their tracking updated, it's because I'm staggering drop offs to my local post office. My initial intention, like I mentioned in my last update, was for it to be over the course of just a few days! It's taking me a little longer, so I do apologize for the inconvenience. That being said though, ALL drop offs will be done this week and your tracking will update!

So please don't worry that your package has been lost or anything. That's the main reason I'm staggering these drop offs, because overwhelming my small local post office can contribute to lost packages and we definitely want to avoid that!

Anyway, I hope this helps to ease the minds of those of you who haven't gotten updated tracking info, and thank you all so much again for your patience! I'll be back for our official final check in soon!




Wednesday, May 15th:

Ok guys, we are officially DONE! I had some stragglers that didn't go out by the end of last week, but each and every package is officially out of my hands and either on its way to you, or has already arrived! I hope you guys all love your pieces, and I'm so freaking happy that they'll all be in their new homes.

I want to make one final, HUGE thank you to you guys for being so incredibly kind and patient! I know we went a little bit over my initial ship dates with the staggering drop offs since that wasn't originally my plan, but you guys have seriously been amazing and I really can't thank you all enough. This was the largest amount of orders I've ever shipped out and the most pieces I've ever made at one time, and I'm truly so thankful for all of you supporting my work!

Thank you all so much again!!!