Wishbone Earrings
Wishbone Earrings
Wishbone Earrings
Wishbone Earrings
Wishbone Earrings

Wishbone Earrings

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Created by Rituals of an Oni

I wish...

Wishbone lore has been around for centuries, believing to have originated from the Etruscans. This ancient Italian civilization believed birds (wishbones come from birds), to be Oracles that could predict people's futures! Eventually, wishbone lore evolved into a sort of tradition and game (after many different cultural developments).

Nowadays, after letting the bone sit out to dry for several days, two people take hold of each side of the bone and simultaneously pull to split it apart and silently make their wishes. Whoever holds the larger piece is the one who gets their wish granted!

That being said, this acrylic earring set is meant to symbolize a wish that has already been made! Only a small piece has been broken off to show how assuredly your wish will come true, (if only you remember to keep manifesting those dreams!)


- Original design by Rituals of an Oni

- 3.25 x 2in

- Material: Pearl Acrylic. Earring hooks are white gold plated brass

- Hand painted

Please keep your earrings clean & dry to preserve their lifespan ♡

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