ALL current listings are ready to ship! Processing times are between 3-7 business days.

Please note that my regular stock will not be available until I have caught up on all outstanding orders placed prior to the Glowforge fire.

For anyone unaware, my Glowforge laser did indeed catch fire (totally destroying it in the process) and I have since gotten a new laser to get up and running again. It is unfortunately taking some time, so I appreciate everyone's patience with me!

Anyway, if you're wondering if something will come back in stock, the answer is yes! I do not however, have any dates available for when that will happen.


If you placed an order with me prior to the fire and would like to see what our current status is, check out the order status page, here!





All of your orders are created, packed with love, and shipped from my home-based studio in Florida, USA!

I am a one woman show and do my best to create and pack your orders as quickly as I can! Most items are Made to Order (meaning I make each item when they are purchased) so processing times vary from 2-14 business days to allow for creation and packing time.

With that in mind, be aware that if you are purchasing an item on a short deadline (ex. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc), that you might not receive it in time. If you would really like to purchase something as a gift and find you don't have the time to wait, please send me an email PRIOR TO PURCHASE so we can discuss rush order options. 

During busier times when I have a higher volume of orders coming in, my processing times may increase and you might have to wait a little longer! (When this happens my processing times have sometimes increased to around a month!) I'll do my best to be transparent about any changes with processing times here on my site and on social media. I truly appreciate all of your patience and support!!

Preorder items have very different timelines, so please refer to the listing for more detailed info on a specific preorder! Scroll down to the "Preorder" section of this page to find more info on preorders in general.

Please also keep in mind that prior to placing your order, everyone is now required to check the box stating that you agree to my terms and conditions which are all stated here on my Policy Page! This way there should be no misunderstandings regarding your purchases.

Please note that if you have placed an order and have checked that terms & conditions box (since it's required), that no refunds will be granted regarding the amount of time it takes me to get your item shipped. If you are not willing to wait for your new piece, please do not place an order! As I said above, I am a one woman show who creates each item by hand as your orders are placed. Please be patient!




Do you accept custom orders?

At this time, I do not currently accept custom orders!





What is a preorder?

A preorder is something you purchase that is NOT available yet (meaning the seller does not currently have that item on hand) and will be shipped at a much later date.

The whole reason for preorders, particularly for small businesses, is to get a specific count on how many products (or in my case material) they need based on demand to avoid wasting funds by purchasing too much or too little of something. Or even just making it possible to offer larger amounts of an item when it would otherwise be impossible due to lack of funds. Generally, a preorder listing will be clearly labeled as a preorder and all the info regarding timelines is usually stated as well.


That may come off a bit harshly, but in my own experience with preorders I’ve realized that a lot of people don’t actually read the entirety of the listing they’re purchasing from, which tells them how long their order is going to take and why.

This results in the seller (in this case, me), receiving a lot of nasty emails that are completely uncalled for regarding their orders, even when all of the information has been freely given at multiple points prior to purchase. 

What is the difference between "Made to Order" and "Preorder"?

As stated at the beginning of this page, most of my items listed on the site are "Made to Order" unless specified otherwise.

A "Made to Order" item means that I currently have all of the material necessary to create the item in question and I only create that item when an order is placed. This makes it so that I don't waste material on items that may or may not have as much demand as others since I can't keep a whole lot of material on hand at one time (due to space and funds).

"Preorder" items mean that I do not currently have the material/item on hand to be able to make or ship your order at that time. 

How does the preorder process work?

On each preorder listing, you'll find information regarding that item's estimated timeline at the bottom of the description. It will also state what dates that preorder opens and closes.

I usually keep preorders open for around a week. Once that preorder has closed is when I order all of the material necessary to get all of the orders made! Please keep in mind that I have to wait processing/shipping times from my material providers before I can get started on your orders, which plays a big factor in my own timelines. There may sometimes be a delay in my material shipment, which can possibly increase that timeline.

Once my material has arrived however, I get started on the production process on all preorders ASAP! This includes preparing material for use in my Glowforge, cutting/engraving, painting, gluing, and otherwise assembling everything. This is the most time consuming portion!

Afterwards I package orders in the order received, and once packed everyone receives shipping confirmation emails that contain tracking info. Then preorders are all done and on their way to you!

Other important notes for preorders:

* Note that if you purchase a preorder item, you have agreed to my terms and conditions! (During checkout there is a box you check off that contains a link to this page).

* If you add other items to your purchase that are not a preorder, those items will not ship until your preorder item is ready!

* Timelines on preorder listings (ex. 3-8 weeks), start AFTER preorders have closed. Not on the date of your purchase! Date of preorder opening/closing is stated in each listing.

* Please be aware that my initial timelines are subject to possible changes! This can happen due to having to wait longer on my supplies or getting more orders in than initially anticipated. (I'm just one person sadly, so if I get hundreds of orders for an item it will naturally take a bit longer!) Unfortunately life also likes to throw curveballs at us sometimes, and that can end up effecting how long preorders end up taking as well.

* With that in mind, please DO NOT purchase a preorder item if you intend to give it as a gift. With timelines being subject to change, your order may not arrive on time for the birthday/anniversary/christmas/etc.

* Although I'm totally alright with responding to kind emails/comments/messages regarding the status of preorders, please keep in mind that I generally receive a ton of these and the amount of time it takes me to respond to them all ends up taking away from the time I could be spending on your orders!

If you're curious where I'm at on the timeline, check out the current preorder status page! It can be found linked to specific preorders, or at my beacons.ai link found here!

* Final point that I just wanted to add, thank you so much for all of you who are so kind and supportive of me and my work! You are so appreciated, and I couldn't do any of this without you. Thank you for being here!